As a world-leading financial centre, the UK – and London in particular – is an ideal place to set up a financial services firm. That doesn’t make running one easy. Every day, firms just like yours must deal with several challenges: some intrinsic to the business, some not. Managing important client and internal documents shouldn’t be a considerable burden for you or your company, but it’s often more complicated than it appears. If your firm has found itself in this situation, you should consider working with a financial services records management company.

Digitisation may have reduced the sheer volume of physical records, but it’s still necessary to keep physical copies of certain business and legal documents. Manage these records poorly, and you damage your firm’s security, its reputation, and its internal resources. It can even have legal consequences: if your records management policy doesn’t account for regulations such as the Limitation Act 1980 – which states that business agreements and contracts must be stored for six years – you could face severe services records management

Compliance is made more difficult by the fact that the kind of record you need to keep varies, and the rules surrounding these records vary in kind. Some need to be accessed on a regular basis; some need to be accessed once a year; some barely ever at all – and in any case, your office probably doesn’t have enough space to keep them all.

So how do you create a financial services records management policy that allows you to archive documents correctly, make them accessible at the appropriate time, and free up room in your place of business?

How we work

At Access Records Management, we can supply a comprehensive, end-to-end financial services document management service for your firm. That means we’ll collect your documents, we’ll store them securely – including those ‘dead’ records that you don’t need to consult regularly – we’ll make it easy for you to retrieve them and we’ll courier them to your workplace when you need them. We also offer secure shredding and document scanning services.

We know how important your records are, and we protect them accordingly. Our document storage is completely secure: all boxes are flood and fire-proofed, and particularly sensitive records are stored in locked data rooms.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our service. Our financial services records management service is available at a reasonable price, but that shouldn’t mean sacrificing your customer experience.

Features and benefits

When you work with Access Records Management, your firm benefits from:

More office space: keeping records on-site takes up room – and occasionally entire rooms – that could be better used for additional desks, recreation, or other storage needs. Keeping records at our site frees this space up.

A lighter admin burden and lower costs: the more time you spend searching for records and navigating your archival system, the less time you have for more important tasks. We can take care of that for you.

Safe, searchable document storage: key documents can be filed and retrieved at your convenience. If you’re worried that you’ll lose it, rest assured that we won’t.

Reactivity: respond quickly to evolving storage and documentation needs. If you need a record at short notice, we can deliver it.

A local supplier: based in London, we’re able to serve the City’s thousands of financial services firms.

Informed advice: we’re not just suppliers, but advisors – and we’re happy to give you the financial services document management advice that you need.

Why Access Records Management?

At Access Records Management, we work with hundreds of companies to provide secure document storage solutions.

Working from our site in North London, we’re ideally situated to provide high-quality service to the city’s world-leading financial services community. Beyond financial services, we work with companies in the legal, architectural, and medical sectors – among many others.

We serve large organisations and small boutique firms alike. Whatever your shape, whatever your size, whatever your specific requirements, we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Contact us today to discuss your financial services records management needs.