The UK is home to a vibrant, diverse community of law firms, barrister’s chambers, and solicitor’s practices – over 10,000 in total – that may require legal document storage. London’s Temple area alone has hosted legal professionals in its Inns of Court since the 14th century.

And yet, for all the change that the profession has undergone since then, one constant has remained largely intact: paperwork. However mundane law firm records management might be, however time-consuming it may be to process documents, and however frustrating it may be to arrange them, the fact remains that lawyers require access to these key records to discharge their duties to the highest standards.

If you can’t get a hold of paperwork related to a certain case, you may find it harder to do your best work.

This comes with the unfortunate caveat that law firms have finite space, and don’t particularly want huge amounts of paperwork stored in piles upon piles of boxes to clutter their office – especially when it relates to historical cases that have no bearing upon the practice’s current interests, but must be retained in the event that they re-open at some indeterminate point in the future.

Other records may need to be accessed monthly or quarterly, but otherwise have no place on-site – and others still may be relevant for a law firm’s HR or financial purposes, but likewise need not be kept in the office.

Document storage is therefore a key challenge for many firms just like yours. But how can you implement legal archiving in a space-effective way – without sacrificing accessibility in times of need?

Why Access Records Management? 

At Access Records Management, we offer end-to-end legal document storage and management services for law firms all over the UK. Our work includes document storage (including ‘dead file’ storage, where records aren’t needed for long periods of time), retrieval and couriering, legal document scanning, and shredding services.

We can design a comprehensive, versatile solution that meets your particular needs. Our collection and retrieval schedules can be created according to your timescale and your legal document storage requirements. Secure storage ensures that vital records are protected against flooding, fire, and other common forms of damage, and locked data rooms are available for particularly sensitive information.

Benefits of legal document storage

So, what does that mean for your firm?

It means more space to conduct your most important duties. The archive room can be turned into an office; the corner that used to host a filing cabinet can be used for a vending machine or water cooler; any worries about space can be safely dismissed.

It also means a lighter administrative burden, ensuring that you and your staff can focus on the things that really matter. It means secure, reactive legal archiving that allows for swift, safe storage and retrieval of vital records.

Above all, we help you devise a strategy for your most important documents. We’re proud to serve as a key supplier for London’s law firms, but we’re also advisers – we devise plans for document retention that serve your practice’s objectives. 

Document storage solutions for London 

At Access Records Management, we take pride in our quality of service and reasonable pricing. Based in North London, we’re well-placed to serve the city’s bustling community of legal firms.

Whatever the shape or size of your organisation – whether you’re in the ‘Magic Circle’ or a small, boutique outfit – we can help. We work with hundreds of other companies on document storage, from financial services firms to architectural practices, and we make serving each organisation’s specific requirements our priority.

To discuss your legal document storage needs, contact one of our specialists today.