document storage

Document storage

Document storage and records management services provide the convenience, accessibility and security that is not always easy to achieve in-house.

Many business records are kept purely for legislative and compliance reasons. Keeping them in your office probably appears to be the obvious choice so that they are close to hand, easy to access and safe. In reality they take up space, are probably stored in “out of sight, out of mind” cupboards, basements, and often inaccessible corners, and merely end up cluttering up space and becoming damaged or lost. Storing in-house is also not as secure as you might think; many people will come and go in most offices, and you cannot always know who has removed what, and also where they have taken it to.

With Access Records Management, you never need to have these concerns regarding document storage again. Security is paramount to us, and as such, we provide: the latest intruder and fire detection systems, 24/7 digital CCTV, a fully fenced perimeter and restricted access.

At Access Records Management we know that these records are important and must be carefully and thoroughly stored and managed. Our professional document storage and management services will give you total peace of mind while saving you time, space and money. Our tailor-made solutions will keep your records safe, and whatever level of input or access you need, our range of services will provide the level of support which suits you best.

How does document storage and records management work?

It’s very simple:

  • You decide which records are to be stored and we will collect them

  • For organisational purposes, each box is given a unique reference code which sits alongside your own internal box reference. This is registered to a warehouse location

  • If necessary, each file can be bar-coded, depending on your exact requirements

  • Access Records Management will store your items, while you enjoy more space, peace of mind and increased productivity

  • When you need a document or a box, simply send us an email or phone us, and the item can be dispatched to you without delay

Retrieval and collection

Our state-of-the-art RS-SQL records management software and location bar-coding system allows us to rapidly identify and retrieve your files. Choose from a number of delivery options, and your documents can be with you within as little as 3 hours from the time of request. For non-urgent requirements, Access Records Management offers several levels of service to ensure you have access to your documents and data within your desired timeframe.

We know the importance of having your documents available as and when you need them, even if that’s immediately. Quite simply, you choose the document storage and management service level you require, and we deliver.

The highest standards of service

Operating from 13 secure locations, Access Records Management will provide an end-to-end solution to meet your needs for document storage in a secure, professional off-site facility. All processes are fully compliant to established ISO: 9001 accredited procedures.

For shredding services London businesses can use our local service or to find out about our competitive and cost-effective document scanning service, check out our information on scanning pricing. If you are a lawyer, you will want to make sure your documents are disposed of in a secure and cost-effecitve manner. Check out our legal shredding services.

Other than archive storage and records management, we also provide a will storage service for legal firms, as well as other records management related services such as a secure shredding service, box sales, on-site viewings, forensic box investigation, record status reporting, file audit and consultancy, medical records storage and more. Our tailor-made archive storage solutions will keep your records safe, and whatever level of input or access you need, our range of services will provide the level of support which suits you best.

At Access Records Management, we provide competitive document management pricing and shredding costs, adjusted to suit the size of your business.

Contact us by phone or the contact form on this page to get a quote for document storage, commercial shredding or any of our other services. To find out what our clients say about us click here.

document storage