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A good medical records storage system is imperative: an inefficient system could endanger lives. Having access to the right data at the right time is critical to patient safety and practice compliance.

The professionalism with which you treat your patients should also be mirrored in how your medical practice treats their personal information and documents. The NHS has been slow to adopt electronic documents, and as a result of this, many local practices are still reliant on document storage.

The issue with paper documents is that managing them can be a huge burden, especially when you consider how busy your average practice is, and the more important things they have to deal with on a daily basis. This is why many medical practices choose to outsource their records management to a professional medical document storage organisation which can look after their data securely.

Medical records storage options

If you decide that you want to outsource your medical document storage, there are a few things you need to consider, none more so than which document storage facility you should use.

Firstly, most medical records need to be easily retrievable, as they may be needed unexpectedly at any time. Failure to gain prompt access to these files could have dire consequences, including reputational damage, legal issues and financial loss. Access Records Management provides a flexible medical document management solution with responsive delivery and collection services that most medical practices need.

Furthermore, the method of storing your documents needs to be precise: there may be hundreds of different types of documents that you need to store, and if you don’t catalogue them properly, you will struggle to retrieve the right information when you need it. Access Records Management will work with you to create a bespoke system for cataloguing and organising these records, so that you can get exactly the right document out of the medical records storage system.

Finally, you need to ensure all your documents are kept confidentially and according the guidelines set out in the 1998 UK Data Protection Act. Failure to do so could result in fines and reputational damage. All of Access Records Management’s facilities are set up to comply with these guidelines and ensure any data you choose to store with us remains secure.

Why Access Records Management?

Aside from the responsive delivery and collection service, bespoke cataloguing system, and UK Data Protection Act compliance, Access Records Management can provide you with a highly competitive document management pricing offer. Our staff are also records management experts and can advise you on the discipline’s many intricacies, including how to manage and maintain your medical records at our storage facilities and document retention and expiry dates.

We can provide archive storage in London, Portsmouth, Southampton and other locations in the UK. We also have a secure medical shredding service that provides both onsite and off-site shredding.

If you’re looking for medical document management for your hospital, medical practice, clinic, or other organisation, get in touch with Access Records Management today.