document scanning services

Document scanning services

Did you know?

  • Almost 20% of contemporary office space is occupied by company documents

  • The average office employee wastes two and a half hours of their working week searching for lost or misplaced files. That’s almost ten hours a month!

  • 35% of archived documents are already misfiled or lost

With all of this in mind, it makes perfect business sense to digitalise your company records.

Document scanning services are needed by many businesses in today’s globally connected workplace, allowing them to either destroy the original or hold the original paper copy in deep storage.

Along with the stringent security that comes with physically storing your documents at our managed dedicated Records Centres, your business or organisation can be safe in the knowledge that any information you need can be quickly retrieved – without the original files ever having to leave our secure storage facility.

Our document scanning services deliver:

  • Fast, efficient and high quality scanning services

  • Bulk scanning available

  • Multiple output file types available

  • Expert on-site team to manage your scanning for you

Access Records Management will work with you to determine the right document scanning services for your needs. We can offer a bulk document scanning service, tailored to suit your requirements regarding the structure of your files, any indexing required and preferred output format, as well as a scan-on-demand service for quick and efficient electronic retrieval of documentation from your boxes or files that are already held in secure document storage.

By using Access Records Management’s document scanning services, we can help make sure that all critical paper documents can be digitally provided to you, no matter what the volume or capacity. We provide competitive document management pricing, adjusted to suit the size of your business.”

Whether it is simply a few boxes to scan prior to their destruction, case files required by an office or client half way around the world, or an ongoing program to go paperless, we have the resources to help you achieve your digital goals.

Key benefits of our document scanning services:

  • Fast retrieval using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software

  • Files can be sent anywhere in the world

  • Files can be sent to multiple locations

  • Low cost digitisation of records

How we go about digitising your records

At Access Records Management, we have the ability to deliver both bulk-to-archive and ad-hoc (scan-on-demand) requests to our clients. All documents are removed from files, folders etc, prepared and (if necessary) flattened, de-constructed from staples and paper clips, and checked to a specification that has been pre-agreed with by you. If required, we can “re-construct” the documents back into their files, folders or sleeves after the scanning process is completed, even re-stapling if necessary.

With vastly more digitally-presented documentation being used for commercial purposes (including being admissible in court), the ability to access a fast, efficient and reliable scanning service is becoming essential, and there has never been a better time to consider scanning your company documents with the help of Access Records Management’s document scanning services.

Businesses looking for document scanning in London will find our services easy to use. Or if you work in the architect field find out more about our architect scanning service.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our competitive and cost-effective document scanning service, check out our information on scanning pricing. Or for any of our other services such as commercial shredding please complete the short form on this page, and we will be in touch shortly, or alternatively call us.

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document scanning services

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