architectural scanningArchitectural scanning

If you’re running a business, a professional practice, or simply working freelance, architectural scanning and document management is a necessary part of the job.

Architecture, like law, is an unusually document-heavy profession. Over the course of an average workday, you’ll handle (alongside regular business records) sketches, blueprints, full-scale plans, and many more records – some which can’t or shouldn’t be kept as paper documents, and some which absolutely must be kept as hard copies.

Architect document scanning is a necessity for many, and at Access Records Management, we’re proud to offer it.

Why architectural scanning?

Simply put, architect document scanning takes up less space and time than managing paper records. When you don’t have to keep a substantial document archive, you have more room for other things – and expend less resources keeping your papers in order.

For example, architectural scanning makes it easy to search for and retrieve records. If you’ve recently scanned a set of blueprints into a digital format, you’ll be able to include keywords in the file’s name or the contents to make it easily identifiable. This also makes it possible to ensure these files are organised in the same way as the files you keep at your place of business. When you don’t have to sort through and organise these documents, you’re empowered to focus on building revenue and handling more pressing operational concerns.

Cloud storage makes these documents even easier to manage and access. By uploading your records onto our online platform, you can retrieve the records you need at a moment’s notice. So if you’re managing an international team, coordinating with architectural engineers across different regions, or simply working remotely, you can ensure that vital drawings, sketches, and blueprints are available in an instant.

Why Access Records Management?

Access Records Management offers a cost-effective, high quality architectural scanning service. It can perform all the functions of a full-scale scanning bureau, but at lower cost – and without sacrificing excellence of service for raw speed. If your practice has limited resources but prizes quality above all things, we’re ideal for your needs: the scanning will be less expensive but of a similar standard to that of a dedicated outlet.

We can scan in colour and OCR, and offer single and double-sided printing. Your requirements are important to us, and in addition to our preset solutions, we are happy to discuss a bespoke architect document scanning package that meets your company’s specific needs.

At Access Records Management, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of your electronic and physical data. When we keep documents, we do so in line with the most up-to-date legislation, and with your particular business requirements. Your records are safe with us, and our services are designed to delight you and facilitate your operational goals.

The less time you spend on document management, the more time you spend on the things that really matter to you and your practice.

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