Legal document scanning

Legal document scanning

The UK is home to a thriving legal community which encompasses a range of practices, from big corporate firms to smaller boutique operations and independent practitioners. Needless to say, it’s an environment that is highly regulated and one in which compliance with regulations is non-negotiable.

One area of legal practice heavily affected by regulations is document management. Legal firms produce a lot of paperwork in their day-to-day case work and it’s critical that your law firm’s documents are stored securely at all times. Legal document scanning is good business practice as it helps ensure that sensitive information is kept confidential and safe.

What’s more, paper documents can fill many boxes which then need to be stored – and many companies still do this on-site. As office space becomes more and more expensive, this can become a costly ‘waste’ of space. It would make far more business sense to transfer your paperwork onto a DVD drive or USB stick, hire another solicitor and turn that storeroom into a client consultation suite instead! Document scanning will help you clear out the storage area and put it to revenue-generating use.

A legal document scanning service can also help make documents easier to find. Digital documents can be searched using keywords that are in the document’s name or content. With a digital filing system in place, your file’s actual location is simply a few clicks away.

Cloud storage is another major advantage. Store your digital files on the cloud and your work teams can access the documents in real-time and on-the-go. This easy, fast access to important data could even be the difference between winning and losing your next case!

Effective records management is also important for organisations in the medical, and financial sectors. Physical documents are all too easily lost or stolen. A digital file that that is correctly archived is far safer.

Our legal scanning service

At Access Records Management, our legal scanning service is thorough, secure and cost-effective. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is; our full-scale service covers colour scans, double-sided and OCR scans – without costing a fortune. Our work is delivered at a very high standard, meeting your practical legal document scanning requirements as well as aesthetic.

Why Access Records Management?

A legal entity has huge quantities of confidential files it needs to store safely – both in physical and digital formats. Depending on the legislation, certain documents will require original signatures or will have to be stored for a prescribed period of time.

Our team can work with you on a document storage strategy to ensure records that need to be maintained in hard copy format are stored safely, while everything else is scanned and securely stored in the cloud. We’ll even sort out your legal shredding as part of the service once we’ve scanned your case notes! We’re fully set up to support your document retention and storage strategy and we’ll keep your company and customer data safe, ensuring you adhere to the relevant legislation.

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