Why use a small business records management solution?

It’s simple: because even if you’re at the ‘S’ end of ‘SME’, you’re still generating huge quantities of information. Physical documents can amass very easily, and for companies without vast resources, keeping them onsite can be a nightmare.

Digitalisation has helped reduce this burden somewhat and cloud storage has made it easier to manage – but small businesses are unlikely to be completely paperless, and if they are, they may be in breach of multiple regulations. Many key contracts and records need to be kept as physical records. 

So, what happens when these records are mismanaged?

Without a plan in place for effective document management, a company risks wasting labour and time searching for, storing, and retrieving files. If they cannot find documents at a client’s request – if it is lost or compromised somehow – then they risk their reputation. If they have failed to retain or destroy business agreements, financial information, and HR records that require retention or destruction, they risk considerable legal consequences, including severe fines.

Some records need to be on hand and accessed regularly; others only need to be consulted infrequently. Either way, a small business document storage strategy is absolutely imperative. The challenge is to balance the need for access with other operational priorities: simply finding space for records can be a considerable hassle.

Our small business records management service

At Access Records Management, we provide versatile, end-to-end small business document management solutions. We make it easy to store and retrieve your files: we can collect, retrieve, courier and shred your physical records for you – and we can also digitally scan documents and host them within a filing system of your choosing.

For especially important documents that are needed on a regular basis, we can arrange collection and retrieval schedules that can be tailored according to your particular needs.  When you don’t need your physical records to hand, we store them in secure boxes in our flood and fireproof facilities. If a document is especially sensitive, we can host it in our locked data rooms, guarded by 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

But beyond any individual feature or function, our most important offering is our customer service. For a reasonable price, you can get a comprehensive, high-quality small business document management solution that speaks to your immediate storage needs.

How your small business benefits

When you use Access Records Management’s small business records management facilities, you benefit from:

More office space: The more records you store in-house, the less space you have for desks, equipment, and recreation spaces. We’ll free it up for you.

A lighter administrative burden: No more searching for records or managing them. We’ll take care of that, so you can take care of what really matters – and reduce your labour costs in the process.

A superior customer experience: Records management is what we do, and we do it very well.

A responsive service: We can easily adapt to changing circumstances and unexpected situations – bringing you the files you need, when you need them.

Expert advice: We’ll collaborate with you to shape an intelligent, wide-ranging records management strategy.

A local supplier: We’re London-based and pride ourselves on our accessibility.

Why Access Records Management?

At Access Records Management, we work with hundreds of businesses across many different industries and niches. It doesn’t matter if you run a law firm, financial services company, or an architectural practice: we’re well positioned to handle the requirements of all London-based businesses in need of document and records management.

To discuss your small business document storage needs, get in touch with our experts today. We are fully certified to the ISO:9001 standard.