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Records management is all about the full “life-cycle” of a document, from the moment that pen is put to paper, or fingertip put to keyboard that document is live and in use. What happens to it, who sees it, where it is kept and when it is destroyed is records management.

Storing your documents at Access Records Management is not simply a way of getting your boxes out of sight, it’s about making sure that these records:

  • Are stored securely in a comprehensive inventory management system

  • Are available and accessible when needed

  • Are disposed of in a secure fashion to ensure you don’t fall foul of legislation on keeping data

  • Don’t waste money storing documents in your valuable office space when they they are no longer required.

At Access Records Management we provide the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to provide a Records Management process of the highest quality. From the moment your documents arrive with us they are referenced, bar-coded and allocated a specific storage location. We can provide you with regular snap-shot inventory reports, or you can access your inventory on-line.

We can also provide you with advice and recommendations regarding what retention schedules apply to your documents, and inform you when documents are due to be destroyed.

Here are some compelling reasons for selecting us as your records management provider of choice.

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