Commercial sector records management

Commercial sector records management

Do you manage your physical data as comprehensively as your IT systems?

If not, you’re certainly not alone: the reality is that whilst most commercial organisations heavily invest in protecting their digital data, they neglect their document filing and management systems.

By not taking control of your business’s records management you could be open to:

  • In-house security and systems risk

  • Wasted staff time (and cost) searching for lost or mislaid documents

  • Sub-optimal use of expensive office space

  • Reduced customer confidence and possible lost business

  • Prosecution or litigation from failure to comply with laws, regulations or contractual requirements

A bespoke records management solution

Take control of your business’s critical information and data management processes by adopting Access Records Management services, and gain the confidence that your records are protected in a professional, safe and secure location, in line with current standards and legislation.

Just some of the archive operations we manage are:

  • storing, indexing, picking and delivery

  • document scanning and meta tagging

  • barcoding with audit trail

  • secure portal access to inventory database

  • retention scheduling and certified destruction

We will build a service package bespoke to your company’s specific needs, and you will gain the peace of mind that your documents are being securely stored and managed using a current, compliant system that will provide you with a history of each document’s movements, by time and person.

Are you looking for archive storage in London? We provide archive storage not just in London, but Portsmouth, Southampton and other locations in the UK.

We also provide a will storage service for legal firms, as well as other records management related services such as box sales, on-site viewings, forensic box investigation, record status reporting, file audit and consultancy and more. For a quote for any of our services please contact us by phone or via the contact form on this page.