Why use us
With over 25 years in the industry, you should use Access Records Management because….

  • You need an expert

Access Records Management has over 25 years of experience in the industry, so you can be confident in our ability to deliver the highest standards of Records Management

  • We can help you maximise your workspace

Boxes and files stored in your office become an invisible cost, even more so when they effectively become “dead files”. By working in partnership with Access Records Management you can free up space, increase productivity and cut down costs.

  • We can help you to increase productivity in your organisation

Management and staff in an organisation can potentially spend 35% of their work time searching for information. Let Access Records Management securely hold your documents and get them to you when you need them. And let the people in your organisation get on with their job.

  • We offer a fit-for-purpose managed archive storage

Storing your documents off-site can be damaging to them if not done properly. Using a lock-up unit or garage leaves your documents at the mercy of many potential threats from the elements and more.

  • We offer a fair and transparent pricing structure

Because you only pay for the space that you use on the racking, you know that you won’t be paying for empty space, and if you store a small box, it costs you less!

  • We can provide a full audit trail

Access Records Management use O’Neil Software, the industry leading barcoded inventory management system, which provides a full audit trail for your documents, whether it be on a box, file, or document basis from the moment we take it into storage right up to the moment of secure destruction.

  • We are both secure AND flexible

The security of your documents is of paramount importance to us. But with that security comes the knowledge that they are YOUR documents. We are always just a phone call or email away, and if we CAN help you, we WILL help you.

  • We offer a Forensic Investigation service

Do you have boxes of records lying around your office? Don’t know which legislation applies to which records? Businesses new to records management find our Forensic Investigation service highly useful. Effectively, this service takes away the need for you to investigate the necessary legislation and conduct a box-by-box audit yourselves. Find out more about our Forensic Investigation service on this page.

  • Strong relationships with our valued clients

We our proud to say that we have built up professional but very personal relationships with our clients, the vast majority of whom we are on first name terms with. All our staff can “multi-task” which means that we are able (and happy) to go the extra mile, meaning that as one of our clients put it, we simply “make it all easy”. We treat clients as the individuals they are, not as just a number!

How to get in touch with us

If you have a special requirement, an urgent need or simply a question, get in touch via the enquiry form at the top right of this page or call us. Or to find out about our Small Business Package click here or our Medium Business Package here.